In this world…

…being human is a death sentence


Surrounded by powerful and dangerous creatures, Emma relies on her demon master for his protection. She has spent her whole life trying to keep out of trouble and stay in his good graces.


But when a freak accident causes her to stumble upon a restricted building, she makes a shocking discovery, a rare female wolf shifter.


Determined to help the wolf shifter escape and find her pack, Emma is forced to flee the demon's estate…all the while dreading the reaction of her demon master once he finds out. But he’s the least of her problems.

Emma soon finds herself in the crosshairs of a less-than-grateful elite hellhound.


Accused of crimes she didn’t commit and hunted by the infuriated hellhound,

Emma’s only solace is in the fact that she’s immune to magic.


But immunity to magic, as she finds out, can be both a blessing and a curse…


Perfect for fans of urban fantasy filled to the brim with paranormal creatures and plenty of action, you won’t want to miss this thrilling suspense-filled novel Cursed Demon.


A riveting stand-alone book which is 

a must-read for fans of shifters and demons.


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Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-8381469-3-1

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