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My name is Tru Dennison...

...and I’m a walking contradiction.



Part-vampire, part-unicorn, Tru’s existence is a cosmic joke of epic proportions. Torn between her conflicting natures and determined to keep her impossible hybrid heritage a secret. Tru knows that if anyone finds out about her — she’s dead.


But when she mysteriously falls sick with an unknown illness, the secret she’s so carefully worked to hide is finally brought to light.

Thrown head-first into a deadly tug-of-war between vampires and shifters. Tru has to fight to stay one step ahead of her supernatural pursuers as she searches for a cure. Her unicorn side makes her get sick from blood… but the vampire side of her is starving.


Oh, and if she doesn’t find a way to shift soon, she’ll die.


With the pressure mounting and time running out, Tru must find the truth behind her missing family, take back the stolen unicorn horn, and outwit the paranormal hunters that are out to get her.


So no pressure…


Perfect for fans of riveting supernatural suspense with a tantalising slow-burn romance

and plenty of action, 

Cursed Vampire is a thrilling read like no other. 


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Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-8381469-5-5

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-8381469-4-8

Ebook ASIN: B0918CZFJR