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C U R S E D   W O L F



For a shifter…

…being stuck in wolf form is torture.

The moment she shifted; her life changed.

Forrest didn’t choose her life. Kept by three brothers, she has barely survived. If it weren’t for the kindness of Harry, the only brother who wasn’t cruel to her, she wouldn’t have made it.

But there is a greater threat.

Harry’s mate wants her dead.

It was a single moment, almost as if fate had intervened when Forrest’s magic unexpectedly allowed her to shift to her human form. This changed everything.

Why did she suddenly have her powers? It was just the start.

Forrest life was going to get much worse, and only two things were keeping her from giving up, Harry and a thirst for the truth about what really happened all those years before when she shifted to wolf form.

The secret is dangerous.

Will she survive?

You’ll love this Paranormal Urban Fantasy because it has just the right mix of humour, friendship, action and slow-burn romance. 



Available to purchase June 2020

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